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Inspired by the FM underground, progressive rock, free-form "early" days of FM rock radio, this was created by Bob B. whose lengthy radio career started in 1969. It's named after a show Bob did in the 1980s and 1990s which was a throw-back to that era. There's progressive rock, art rock, jazz-rock fusion and more from the 1960s to the present, music that represents a lifetime of exploration.

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Why "Early Rock Show"? I did not come up with that name originally. It was the Program Director of KLPX at the time, Larry Snider, who conceived the show (with me in mind) and named it. The name was chosen because it was a throwback to the "early" days of FM rock radio and was on "early" on Sunday mornings. The show was quite popular despite its lousy time slot. People would get up early on Sundays just to tune in.

I embraced the name and, when it came time to start my own internet radio station, named it after that show.



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